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    The feminine form is a thing of nuse and what can I say, some forms are more beautiful than others. While doing this, she notices the qoman powerful thought in Wally's Faetest is that of Linda Park, which sparks various, but supportive, reactions from the other Titans. Nightwing encourages Wally to seek Linda out and try and make new memories with womann. Elsewhere, Linda is still puzzled by Wally's sudden presence in her life and decides to investigate him further. After that adventure, while on a mission with the Titans, Wally learned that he has the ability to go fast and stop time as well.

    After a battle against Psimon, Mister Twister, and the Key, Wally used too much Fastest nude woman his abilities, and he seemingly dies. After noticing Wally West "dead" Kid Flash senses that Wally isn't completely dead, and he revives him by jumpstarting his heart, curing Wally of his pacemaker condition. When Barry confronts Wally about how he hasn't made any real effort to make contact with Iris, rebuild things with Linda, or even try to make a new life for himself, Wally tries to compensate for this by tracking down Frances Kanebut his initial contact with her also re-awakens her womzn psychological issues, causing her to attack Wally before womsn calms her Fastdst by confessing his own fears about his current circumstances.

    Inspired by this conversation, Wally calls Dick Grayson to help him purchase an apartment. However, Wally is unaware that his friend-turned-foe Hunter Zolomon has returned. Now in a position of authority in the twenty-fifth century, Zolomon sends the Renegades into the past to arrest Iris for the murder of Eobard Thawne with the intention of provoking a war between the Flashes in order to make 'the true Flash' stronger through tragedy. He begins remembering pre-Flashpoint memories after Iris remembers him. However, a confrontation with his former ally Hunter Zolomon provokes Barry and Wally into conflict, as Hunter convinces Wally that the Speed Force must be destroyed to release those missing allies still 'trapped' within it, including Wally's children, Jai and Iris West, Max Mercury and Impulse.

    Wally became determined to break The Speed Force open in a bid to free them which led to a frantic chase, with Barry Allen trying to stop Wally before he did something drastic, remembering all too well the damage he himself had done to the time-stream attempting to stop his mother's murder during the Flashpoint event. Unfortunately, Wally proved himself to be the true Fastest Man Alive and was able to outrun Barry and create the break he wanted. The resulting explosion sent both heroes back to Barry's hometown of Central City and into the clutches of a gloating Zoom who quickly revealed that his true intention in reminding Wally about the existence of his children was to trick Wally into breaking The Force Barrier - a cosmic barricade that concealed energies that could be tapped into by the right people in much the same way that the Speed Force empowers speedsters.

    These energies include the Sage Force - seemingly based around telepathic and telekinetic powers - and the Strength Force. Zoom discovered the existence of these energies reading 25th century history books and determined a way to tap into these energies as well as the Speed Force once the Force Barrier was broken. He also donned a replica of Barry Allen's costume, declaring himself the one true Flash, before deciding that he would spare Barry and Wally the pain of their future lives by ending them now! Powers and abilities[ edit ] Wally's primary superpower is his ability to control the speed with which his body vibrates and to move and think at super speed, which he uses primarily to run at super-human velocities.

    This super speed is derived from his mainline-connection to the Speed Force: Wally is considered the fastest Flash and is significantly faster than Barry Allen. This connection to the Speed Force grants him unique abilities that other speedsters lack, such as lending and taking speed which manifests in different ways, ranging from becoming speedsters themselves to bolstering others metabolisms and healing abilities, allowing them to recover from injuries in a fraction of the normal timeas well as absorbing kinetic energy in a less direct manner; he once absorbed the kinetic energy of the entire planet Earth while standing at the North Pole when his teammates were forced to move the planet to prevent possible earthquakes.

    Wally has also found a way to create a costume out of pure Speed Force energy. It is not known how Wally is able to circumvent the damage moving at such great speeds would normally have on the environment, but it has been hypothesized that his protective aura allows him to "side step" such environmental consequences. Because of his powers and connection to the Speed Force, he can run at varying speeds for extended periods of time without needing rest or causing damage to his body. It is his connection to the Speed Force that constantly rejuvenates him while running, making it so he does not literally feed upon his own body to generate the energy for super speed.

    Even so, he has a sped up metabolism and finds it necessary to eat often and in great quantities to help supply the chemical energy needed. Using his abilities, Wally can run at such speed that he can run on water, create powerful vortices with his arms or body, and vibrate at such speeds that he becomes invisible to the naked eye. Wally can also match the vibrational constant of solid objects and vibrate through them, passing his molecules through the spaces in between the atoms and molecules of the matter he is vibrating through, however, Wally accidentally destabilizes whatever he passes through, causing it to explode. While this has its drawbacks, Wally has learned to use this offensively in battle.

    In Rebirththis ability is improved, now Wally can vibrate through objects without causing them to explode.

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    He also outran death to the edge of the universe and beyond, where death didn't even exist and continued to run to get Linda back. Flash vol 2 had Wally outrun the womsn pull of a black hole. Using Jessie Quick's speed formula combined with his wmoan steal, Wally can Fastest nude woman accelerate to the Fastest nude woman where he escapes linear time, essentially allowing him to function like the chronokenetic Zoom. Wally's connection to the Speed Force grants him low level electrokinetic abilities. Woma generates large amounts of lightning while wpman at super speed, as well as whenever he is angered.

    On certain occasions, Wally has been able to project womman of Speed Force lightning, such as when he is lending speed, or when he was using the Speed Force to restore the memories of the Titans, during DC Rebirth. Wally West is the fastest Flash and is arguably the fastest being that has ever existed as said by Max Mercury—and it has been remarked that Wally and Barry are the only two speedsters that were fast enough to even outrun death. Wally has, on several occasions, traveled much faster than light and entered and exited the Speed Force by his own volition. He has shown that he can achieve practically any speed he wishes and that there are no limits to his speed.

    Some interpretations of Wally are shown as having nufe average nure. Wally is also a skilled science prodigy. In some versions, like Young Justice, Wally uses these skills to recreate the accident that gave Barry his powers by himself, granting himself his own powers. Like his mentor, Wally understands what his speed enables him to do, and uses his knowledge of physics to his advantage in battle. After his return to the DC Universe, Wally is said to be even faster than before. He now generates white lightning, which combines all the colors of the Speed Force. He also created his new Flash suit out of pure Speed Force energy, a red and silver costume.

    Wally has had some hand-to-hand combat training, and is skilled in Judo. He reappeared years later at, among other places, his ex-wife Mary West's Wally's mother second wedding. They both later attended Wally and Linda's wedding. Wally also retained a close friendship with Kyle's predecessor, Hal Jordanwho often looked out for Wally even while he was the Spectre. His best friend is Dick Graysonwho served with Wally on the Teen Titans as the first Robin and served as Wally's best man at his wedding. So you better hope no one is looking over your shoulder. Additionally, people can see who you follow and what you like on Twitter we all remember the Ted Cruz Twitter incidentdon't we?

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